About Us

Adetech Resolute delivers to your specification and needs

Adetech Resolute Ltd

Adetech Resolute Ltd was founded with the focus on providing a professional software development service.

We have a proven track record of developing innovative and practical solutions for the Hospital and Pharmacy software management systems, Point of Sale for small retail and wholesale businesses, Inventory management systems and School system for all aspects of a school setting for primary and secondary institutions. Our staff are located along Thika Road at Toll Station opp. Kimbo GSU Camp. Our team of fulltime professionals have extensive experience in providing practical solutions to small/medium businesses and the enterprise.

Software Development and Support

Our software development team develops web based applications primarily using open source technologies which have been proven to secure and easy to use. We pride ourselves in being up to date with current programming and development practices. We implement agile development methodologies to provide robust project management and rapid feedback to our clients. We also offer accompaniment for our customers with regular updates as the changing needs of our clientele to remain competitive.